What we will do to stay safe

In all that we do, we will always comply with State-issued executive orders and CDC guidelines. As you are aware, these can be complicated to interpret, so I have kept in close contact with our legal counsel to ensure all decisions we make are within both the letter of the law and issued guidelines.

We will:

  • Take the temperature of everyone coming into the facility. Anyone with a fever or displaying symptoms of being ill will not be admitted.
  • Only students and staff for this production will be allowed in our facility during rehearsal.
  • Follow all enhanced hygiene and handwashing protocols.
  • Place students as far apart from one another as we can. We have plenty of space available to maintain safe social distancing.
  • We will encourage everyone to wear masks whenever possible.
  • We will sanitize the facility both during and between all rehearsals.

These safety measures may be adjusted according to changing guidelines.

All classes and productions are subject to minimum enrollment. If we do not register enough students, a class may be canceled, moved to another time, or combined with another class.

Explore the Elements of Improv in our improv classes. You will learn some of the core fundamentals and principles of improv, focusing on various games and exercises that encourage trust, communication, agreement (“yes and”); active listening, character, status, and making your scene partner look good. Through this class, students will achieve personal growth and self-confidence that will help them to excel in other areas. Improv is a great tool to enhance skills in working with others, problem-solving, developing confidence, and a creative style.

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