Alice in Wonderland, Junior Musical Live Stream


Coming to your home LIVE from The Stage…Alice in Wonderland, Junior Musical! With this live stream ticket purchase, you will be able to view the performance in real time from your couch! This is not a pre-recorded show and the at-home-audience will only be able to view the video at the time of the performance; reruns or unlimited views will not be available. And just like the real theatre experience, clicking the link after the start time means missing the beginning of the show as if you arrived late. So, stock up at concessions, a.k.a your fridge, and enjoy the show!

Note: In-person ticket options for Fall productions are currently being evaluated. If tickets become available, they will go on sale Oct. 12. Please check back.

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In person tickets

Thank you for your patience waiting for us to make a decision regarding tickets for our Fall shows. We are excited to tell you that in-person tickets are on sale NOW

New details for Fall season’s tickets:

  • We are going back to selling tickets through .tix, our on-line automated ticket processing system.
  • We will be opening the entire auditorium, with our original seating plan.
  • Masks for audience members will be required.
  • There are no limits on how many tickets you may purchase; Once all available seats are sold, we will be considered sold out.
  • .Tix will be using an automated social distancing program that will automatically block off 1 seat on each side of your group. These social distancing seats will not be sold.
  • Please purchase all of your group’s tickets in the same area at the same time. This will ensure the most efficient use of the automated social distancing software.
  • To help offset the losses we are experiencing due to social distancing, we are raising the advanced purchase ticket price to $15.00.
  • Ticket price at the door will be $16.00.
  • Cast members will be given the option to wear masks if they wish, therefore, the performance will have some cast members with masks, and some without.
  • Live stream is available during show times. The link can be purchased for $20.00.
  • All ticket purchases are considered a donation, they are non-refundable.

Tickets  on sale NOW